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Diana Jordan's clients adore her and find her messages strong and her humor hilarious. Event planners find her professional and fun to work with. Her Oklahoma roots shine through with her down-to-earthiness with every group she talks to. Ten years ago Diana realized that she wanted to do more than just make people laugh, she wanted to really help people, motivate them, teach them what she’d learned over the past twenty-five years about choosing to be happy and the benefits of how important love and laughter are in our lives. Diana is a best selling author of, “A Wife’s Little Instruction Book, your survival guide to marriage without bloodshed!” which has sold over 500,000 copies and is in five countries in five languages and was featured on the Oprah show. Diana covers in many presentations: - How you can turn a potentially bad situation into a good one using humor. - The healthy benefits of laughing and making the choice to 'lighten-up!' and incorporate humor in your life. - Learn how to make your own personal giggle box" that will always make you smile and bust stress! Diana is a member of International Association of Speakers Bureaus, Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artist, Broadcast Music, Inc. and was in the hit movie Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise. Diana is a great entertainer, motivator, teacher and shares her own struggles from beating breast cancer to losing her business and her home. Diana pulled up her big girl panties and made her way back to the top of her profession. More importantly, she shares with her audience how she accomplished this, in a hilarious way that only she can do. Diana has entertained our troops overseas, and was nominated by the prestigious American Comedy Awards as one of the Top Five Female Comedians in the country. She has been seen on SHOWTIME, COMEDY CENTRAL, her own Special on HBO, and was interviewed Dr. Phil about the male/female relationship. Diana can be heard on SIRIUS radio and has performed at such legendary venues including Radio City Music Hall and The Kennedy Center. She has also been Master of Ceremonies for many gala events where she presented with such prestigious speakers as Former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell and Yolanda King."

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