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The multi-talented LeVar Burton has been capturing the attention of audiences and peers for over two decades, whether acting, directing, producing or writing, Burton continues to prove he can do it all. Burton's first career choice was not in the field of entertainment. At the age of thirteen, he entered a Catholic Seminary to study for the priesthood. For him, being a priest would fulfill his need to express himself spiritually and to be of service to his community. However, four years later, he decided that an acting career would better fill those needs, so he left the seminary and accepted a full academic scholarship at the University of Southern California to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. While still a sophomore at the University of Southern California, his first professional audition (at the age of nineteen) led to his being cast as Kunta Kinte" in the acclaimed miniseries "Roots." The phenomenal success of "Roots" launched his career and earned him an Emmy nomination for Best Lead Actor in a Mini Series. It was the "Roots" experience that awakened Burton to the powerful potential of the television medium to inspire and enlighten as well as entertain. For eighteen years, he has been the host and co-executive producer of the highly acclaimed PBS children's series "Reading Rainbow," for which he has received multiple nominations and seven Emmy's to date. Burton is a published author. His first novel "Aftermath," a science fiction thriller from Warner Books, received phenomenal reviews from critics and colleagues, and is now in bookstores nationwide. In 1995, Burton was appointed by President Clinton to the National Commission on Library and Information Services (NCLIS), a panel of experts who advise the President on policy for the storage, retrieval and dissemination of information in America. Burton's film and television production company, Eagle Nation Films, makes its home at Paramount Pictures where Burton is currently busy developing several properties for both television and film. Public speaking has been a significant part of Burton's life and career for the past fifteen years. As a well-known literacy advocate, he is often called upon to speak on the subject of literacy, the influence of the television media and realizing one's personal potential. "

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